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A culinary adventure in the Mediterranean Sea

Explore the flavors with your own cooking

Experience a healthy, robust cuisine that developed throughout thousands of years, shaped by the climate and geography of the region. 

As we visit each port, you'll discover a cuisine that is based on local agriculture using essential ingredients.

  • You'll taste the local fresh fish and seafood prepared fried, grilled, or braised in olive oil produced from olive trees that grew around here for thousands of years.

  • You'll cook healthy dishes made from vegetables and fruits that are seasonal and available in the local market the day you cook them

  • You'll learn to use dairy products from goats and sheep grazing the land's hilly slopes around the Mediterranean basin, in the forms of yogurt and cheese. 

  • You'll Cook a variety of Mediterranean meat dishes of smaller domesticates like goats, sheep, pigs, and chicken

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