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Whipping Egg Whites

Whipping to Foamy Stage Whipping until foamy is to whip an ingredient or mixture until it loosens up, builds some volume, and forms small air bubbles but does not yet hold its shape. Whipping to Soft Peak Stage. Use 1 egg = 1 oz sugar Whipping to a soft peak is whipping an ingredient or mixture until a soft peak forms. Usually, heavy cream or egg whites are whipped to a soft peak.

Whipping to Stiff Peak Stage. Whipping to a stiff peak is whipping an ingredient or mixture until it forms a stable peak that firmly holds its shape. Usually, it is egg whites or heavy cream whipped to a stiff peak. Stiff peak egg whites should still contain enough moisture to have a glossy appearance and creamy texture that blends easily with other ingredients.

Soft. use 1 egg = 1 oz sugar

Hard. use 1 egg = 2 oz sugar

French Meringue - Ordinary (unstable)

  1. Whip them on high until soft peaks form.

  2. Slow down the mixer and slowly add the sugar.

  3. Let the mixture beat until the meringue is glossy and shiny and forms stiff peaks when the beater is lifted.

  4. Test between your fingers to see if any sugar granules remain.

Swiss Meringue. (cooked)

  1. Mix egg whites and sugar in a standard mixer bowl.

  2. Place the bowl in a double boiler and beat until the meringue is hot to touch and the sugar is melted.

  3. Whip on high until the mixture is glossy, shiny, and stiff.

Italian Meringue. (best stable)

  1. Place half of the sugar in a saucepan with a bit of water (4 oz).

  2. Stir to moisten the sugar.

  3. Let cook without stirring the water until the sugar reaches 245ºF (sugar syrup 235-240º)

  4. While the sugar is cooking, whip the egg whites on high until soft peaks stage.

  5. Slow down the mixer to medium and slowly sprinkle the other half of the sugar.

  6. When the sugar mixture reaches the right temperature, pour it into the bowl and try to avoid the beater.

  7. Let whip until cool, stiff, and shiny.

Drying meringue in the oven: 2+ hours at 200-250ºF. don't open the oven


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