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Figs souvlaki

About the Recipe:

This is an incredibly easy meze. You get a variety of great flavors in one mouthful: earthy (depending on the cheese), salty and sweet. Wrap the figs the night before if you like. Store in a covered container and bring back to room temperature before proceeding. You can use fresh figs in season. Pastourma is a heavily spiced version of bresaola, with a thick spice layer visible on the outside. These are also delicious with prosciutto.
Adapted from Michael Psilakis, Bon Appétit January 2008


  • 12 large dried figs (preferably Greek)

  • 12 ½ -inch cubes feta cheese

  • 12 thin slices pastourma, prosciutto, or bresaola

  • 12 large fresh sage leaves

  • 12 large toothpicks

  • Extra-virgin olive oil


  1. Using small sharp knife, cut stem from top of each fig, then cut straight down from top center to make ¾-inch-deep, ½- inch-long slit in fig.

  2. Fill slit in each fig with cube of feta cheese, then press opening closed.

  3. Place 1 slice of pastourma on work surface; top with sage leaf. Place stuffed fig at 1 end and roll up to enclose fig. Secure with toothpick. 

  4. Repeat with remaining pastourma, sage, and figs.

  5. If assembling ahead, arrange on plate, cover tightly with plastic wrap, and chill. When ready to serve, let stand at room temperature one hour before continuing.

  6. Pour enough oil into large skillet to cover bottom. Heat over medium-high heat. Add figs. Cook until pastourma begins to crisp, about 2 minutes per side.

  7. Transfer to large platter. Serve.

Prep Time:
Cook Time:


30 min



Servings; 54 ( Makes 12 pieces)

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